Louisa Cooper has a degree in Studio Art from U.C. Irvine. She is a plein air painter living in Hawaii, painting the landscape and portraits, with many of her paintings in homes and businesses in Hawaii and on the Mainland.



Art has always been a part of Louisa's life. Her mother was her first influence, being an accomplished painter herself. Louisa can still remember resolving some of art's technical problems from as early as first grade -- illustrating Goldilocks and the Three Bears and having to draw Goldilock's feet straight up in the air, upside down, to show her falling through the little bear's chair!

Art history came later at Berkeley, and a degree in Studio Art at U.C. Irvine much later -- actually at the same time that some of her children were students there. Workshops have been her primary source of inspiration and learning. Roger Kuntz at the Laguna Beach School of Art was her first serious instructor, and she freely proclaims Charles Movalli of Goucester, Ma., as being by far the most inspirational.

The California Art Club in Pasadena has given her the opportunity to paint with many of today's finest contemporary plein air painters. The current Plein Air movement has moved Louisa mostly out of the studio and into the landscape, although she enjoys both manners of painting. Along the way she has also studied and worked with sculpture, ceramics, and tile glazing.

As to art philosophy, Louisa claims none at all. She simply believes creative activity to be one of life's necessities, and that too many days deprived of painting or other creative endeavor makes one truly grumpy. Better to paint and be happy.

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