Turkish Coast from the Gulet 5x7
Turkish Tie-Up to Gulet #1 5x7
Bev's Neighbors-North Shore 9x12
Secret Beach Makena-Right 9x12
Bayside Rd Big Surf Marquesas 9x12
Beachside House-End of Waimanalo 9x12
Boy & Dog Waimanalo Beach Scene 9x12
Buzz's from the Boat Shack 9x12
Canoe Line Up Kuala 9x12
Canoe Shed & Outrigger Lahaina 9x12
Cars on Kailua Bridge 9x12
Chateau de Chillon- Montreux, Switzerland 9x12
Cove from Hilo Yacht Club 9x12
Cuban Fam 9x12
Cuban Waterside Casa 9x12
Dilapidated House- Coconut Island 9x12
Dream Seaside Vacation Cottage 9x12
Fishpond at Heeia 9x12
Grey Day with Flagpole-KYC 9x12
Ironwood at Bev's North Shore 9x12
Jutting Shoreline at Punaluu 9x12
Kailua Beach Swimmers & Trees 9x12
Kailua Beach Trees & Sand 9x12
Kailua Canoe Club Outriggers 9x12
Kailua Hills Above Wetlands 9x12
Kalapawai Market/Red Truck 9x12
Kalapawai Market with Red Pickup 9x12
Kauai Cliffs and Sea 9x12
Koolaus Far End of Hoomaluhia- Tree left 9x12
Kualoa Ranch Buildings to Mountains 9x12
Lagoon Side Cottages 9x12
Lifeguard Stand Kihei Night 9x12
Maunaquili with Sunspot 9x12
Napili Sunset to Right 9x12
Orange & Brown Outrigger, Lahaina 9x12
Pali Golf Course with Pines 9x12
Pali Golf Course 9x12
Philosophizing 9x12
Planting at Hoomaluhia Headquarters 9x12
Rainy Day at the Stables 9x12
Really Rainy Day Hoomaluhia 9x12
Red Sailboat at Heeia Harbor 9x12
Rocky Beach at Sharks Cove 9x12
Schooner from Heeia 3 Palms 9x12
Shack and Umbrella 9x12
Still Life with Brushes 9x12
Tahitian Rivulet to Sea 9x12
Plant Starter Ho'omaluhia 9x12
Tree at Batcheler Park Kailua 9x12
Weathered Trees-Kailua Beach park 9x12
Weird Flower Arrangement 9x12
Chinaman's Hat Island in Shower 12x9
Fixin' the Mast KYC 12x9
Tall Ironwoods, Flat Water-Kualoa Beach 12x9
Tall Mountains Hoomaluhia 12x9
Dancer in Profile 12x12
Chateau de Chillon 30x30
Portofino #2 30x30
Marquesas Harborside Cottages 36x36
Mt. Konahuanui at Dawn 36x36
Papaya Cluster 36x36
Pineapple 36x36
Queens Bath Kings Landing 36x36
Stormy Day at Kings Landing 36x36
Ironwoods at Kailua Beach Park 36x36
Old Pink House, Lanikai 36x36
Bay View from Coconut Island, Kaneohe 9x12
 Buildings, Waterway- Kailua 9x12
Buildings, Waterway- Kailua 9x12
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